St Mark's offers 3 houses on-site for university rental accomodation. The aim of this ministry is not just to provide a roof over students' heads during their time at university, but provide and build a loving community which connects well with the wider church family and ministry of St Mark's.   


How are the houses set-up?

The 3 houses on-site each accomodate 5-6 residents, with a combination of single and shared rooms. A senior resident is appointed in each of the houses with responsibility to ensure the households are running well and to provide appropriate pastoral care. This care is offered in close partnership with our Assistant Minister and Chaplain to the Unihouse Craig Langstaff and our Church Administrator Elizabeth Stark. The desire of the ministry is to see residents establish their independence as they move away from home for the first time and to help them grow in their relationship with God.    

who can apply?


Applications are open to students between the ages of 18-25 who identify themselves as either Christian or non-Christian. Applicants are assessed according to how well they are likely to contribute to the overall running of the households and the building of community with them. Placements are offered on a yearly basis, with the opportunity to extend them for subsequent years if deemed mutually beneficial 


What opportunities are there to grow?

Each week a bible study group meets within the unihouse community. This group currently meets on a Tuesday between 7:30-9:00p.m. and includes other students and young adults from within the St Mark's church family. This is a great opportunity to build relationships and explore together the teaching of the Christian faith. We can also offer residents the opportunity to meet 1-1 with an older Christian from the church for prayer, encouragement and support if that is desired. 


We believe the partnership between the unihouse and St Mark’s church family works best when the residents are genuinely open  to making St Mark’s their home church. For this reason we encourage all of the residents to check us out as a church, particularly at our 545 service, and make every effort to establish St Mark’s as their spiritual home.


For more information on the unihouse ministry, including rental rates and how to apply, click on the attachment below for the student handbook. For any other enquiries contact Elizabeth Stark at elizabeth.stark@stmarksww.org.au or (02) 4225 8622.