Our History

Christian witness and teaching in the new subdivision of Rosemont, began as a Sunday School in 1917. Later in 1919 a building, known as the Rosemont Union Church, was erected on a Rosemont Street site. The first Church of England services in the Rosemont Church were begun in 1926 but the oldest Service Register in our possession, indicates services dating from 4th June 1933.

In 1939, 429 Crown Street was purchased to be the ultimate site of a new Parish Church and Hall. The foundation stone of a brick church was laid in 1943 and the Church of England at West Wollongong was to be called St Marks.

Growth in the area saw the need for church enlargement and the present church “of concrete and steel” commenced with the laying of the foundation stone in 1963 with it’s completion later that year.

Over the intervening years, our community has remained dynamic, with each member adding to the values that we share with one another. Today we are very much a vertical slice of the community, being represented by seniors, mature aged, young adults, youth and children. To cater for spiritual, care and social needs, we have energetic programs that enhances each of our represented groups.

Today, as over the previous years, St Mark’s Anglican Church continues the consistent teaching of God’s Word and focuses on God’s gracious gift of Christ Jesus, that through our belief in him, we each will have eternal life.