Community Garden


The purpose of our church garden is to provide a place of meeting for the church community and the wider community, where friendships might grow.

 Church members, their guests and the surrounding community can gather in a friendly, safe environment for company, an occupation to fill lonely hours, a pleasant place to rest and retreat from the worries of life, a chance to learn new skills, to enjoy the simple pleasures of the garden and the shared benefit of fresh food.

Members meet regularly on Saturday mornings between 9am and 12 noon. Morning tea is around 10.30am.


During the week, several activities are carried out: collection of coffee grinds from a local coffee shop for making compost, watering of the garden plots as needed and collecting fallen branches. These activities plus planting, weeding and compost making are usually done on Saturday mornings.

Facebook page is: St Marks Community Garden West Wollongong

Contacts are Bob Montgomery 10am and

Rosemary Tolhurst 8am services