The Best Deal for Groceries!

Imagine winning a prize where for 12 months you could save 80% at the supermarket.  How good would that be!  It would make a huge difference to your budget and savings.  Here's the good news ... Some of us actually qualify for a deal like that.

It is a partnership that St Mark's has arranged with the Mobile Community Pantry through our friends at Anglicare.  And the deal is that good: Pay $10 and walk away with $50 of quality groceries.  Or pay $20 and take home $100 of gear.

Of course, not everyone qualifies.  But a bunch of us actually do qualify.  You'll need one of these to qualify:

  • pension card, or healthcare card, or immigration card, or a letter of support from your church or a welfare organisation.

Our purpose is to offer friendship and practical support and we're convinced this service will be valued by many in our local community and among church families too.

We can shop on Mondays at St Mark's every second week and always welcome new customers.  See you soon!

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